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-Form Mailer

A free form mailer for your site. All variables are controled by hidden for fields. Very powerful with many options. In order to use form mail you must provide a small button link back to Zach's Archive in a visable place on your form page. We have provided the button. You can use the following linking code:

<A HREF="http://www.zachjorgensen.net/za/"><IMG SRC="http://zjorg.hypermart.net/frmaillogo.JPG" WIDTH="144" HEIGHT="72" ALIGN="BOTTOM" BORDER="0"></A>

After you have set up your form, Click here to activate form mailer for your domain.

Quick Note: Please don't use form mailer on pages that users will be using the form mailer heavily (pages where the time between users submitting forms will be less than 4 minutes).

Instructions: Make a form with the following:

Form action: http://zjorg2.hypermart.net/cgi_bin/formailer/mailer3.cgi

Method: POST

Example: form method="post" action="http://zjorg2.hypermart.net/cgi_bin/formailer/mailer3.cgi"

Required fields: These fields are required by form mail. Change values maked in red.

<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="redirect" SIZE="-1" VALUE="the full url for users to be redirected to.">

<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="recipient" SIZE="-1" VALUE="recipient of the form">

<INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="subject" SIZE="-1" VALUE="the subject">

Other options (optional):

Required fields:

You can require for certain fields in your form to be filled
in before the user can successfully submit the form.
Just use the following hidden field, enter the feilds you want required, seperated by commas.
<input type=hidden name="required" value="field1,field2,field3">

The field below allows you to choose where you want users to go if they do not fill in the required fields.

<input type=hidden name="missing_fields_redirect" value="http://your.host.com/error.html">

Sort fields:

This field allows you to choose the order in which you wish
for your variables to appear in the e-mail that the form mailer
generates. You can choose to have the field sorted
alphabetically or specify a set order in which you want the
fields to appear in your mail message. Use the below syntax:

To sort alphabetically:
<input type=hidden name="sort" value="alphabetic">
To sort by a set field order:
<input type=hidden name="sort" value="order:name1,name2,name3,etc...">


Any other form fields that appear in your form will be mailed back to

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