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Welcome to Zach's Archive! We host several CGI scripts for free such as: Guest Books, form mailer, self grading quizzes and polls. Additionally, we house all of the perl scripts written by the sites author, Zach Jorgensen, which are free to everyone for download. All of our services are free, but we ask that if use our services and find them to be of use, that you help support us by making a donation to Zach's Archive and linking to us.

"Brilliant site! I have visited many, many sites looking for all the items and scripts you have free here, and this is the best and only place I need! Thanks a lot!"
Ken Monteith

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Hosted CGI services we offer:

  • Form Mail
  • Guest Books
  • Quizzes
  • Counters
  • Voting booths
  • Drop Down Menus
  • and more...

Free CGI Scripts we offer:

  • Interactive Story
  • Promotional Mailer
  • Site Stats
  • Meta-Tag creation
  • Mailing List
  • Bandwidth protection
  • and much more...

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